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Guidelines for Nominations 2020

The mission of the EJI Excellence in Medicine Foundation is to promote and encourage excellence in medical care and healthcare for the citizens of New Jersey.

This event began in 1939 and has been sponsored by MDAdvantage Insurance Company since 2003. Our goal is to recognize excellence in our healthcare system, as our Excellence in Medicine Awards have been doing since 1939; and to provide significant scholarships to students who represent these values and intend to practice in New Jersey.

The Edward J. Ill Excellence in Medicine Awards® are awarded annually to honor those exemplary physicians and leaders whose dedication to medical care, education, research and public service have significantly impacted the delivery of healthcare in New Jersey and around the nation.

Each of the Foundation’s Awards recognizes “excellence in medicine” as manifested in the varied ways that may significantly impact the health and well-being of our citizens in New Jersey and nationally.

  • Edward J. Ill Physician’s Award® – Presented to a New Jersey physician for dedication and extraordinary service to the profession and to the citizens of the State.

  • Peter W. Rodino, Jr., Citizen’s Award® – Presented to a citizen or group of citizens of New Jersey who merits recognition for distinguished service in advancing and promoting the health and well-being of the people of our state.

  • Verice M. Mason Community Service Leader Award – Presented to an individual who has personified, led and provided the vision for an organization, and to the organization served, for extraordinary commitment to improving the health and welfare of the citizens of New Jersey.

  • Outstanding Medical Educator Award – Presented to a medical educator who has made an outstanding contribution to graduate or undergraduate medical education in New Jersey.

  • Outstanding Healthcare Executive Award – Presented to an executive in a healthcare-related organization or field who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the enhancement of patient care and medical practice in New Jersey.

  • Outstanding Scientist Award – Presented to an individual or individuals who have made important contributions leading to advances in treatment.

Nomination Process
Nominations may be submitted by any individual or group. No one may submit more than one nomination for any award, in any year. The nomination should be uploaded to the online application found at www.EJIawards.org and should include all the following materials in order for the nominee to be considered for an award. Incomplete nomination submissions may be disqualified.

  1. The nomination letter is the most important element of the nomination package. Ideally, the nomination letter should summarize the accomplishments and qualifications of the nominee that are relevant to the award for which the nominee is being nominated (not more than two typewritten pages). In order for the nomination letter to stand out against the many others we receive, explain and include clear examples of what makes the nominee so exceptional.
  2. A short bio highlighting the nominee's professional background and achievements, not to exceed 250 words.
  3. The nominee's resume or CV.
  4. Written confirmation that the nominator has notified the candidate of his or her nomination for an award; and that if selected, the candidate has agreed to accept the award and attend the awards dinner.
  5. Nominations for the Verice M. Mason Community Service Leader Award should also contain information about the organization being nominated, including outcomes or benchmark data that demonstrates the organization's impact on the community.

The Awards Committee relies on each candidate’s nominator to provide the information necessary to make an informed evaluation of that candidate. The nominator should clearly identify the areas of excellence and unique contributions that demonstrate the candidate’s qualifications.

Nominees should be residents of New Jersey, and/or the professional activities for which they are nominated should have been performed in New Jersey; and should meet the criteria for the Award for which they are nominated (as described above).

The following individuals are not eligible to receive an Award or to submit nominations, during the time of their relationship with the Company, or for two years afterward:  members of the Awards Committee; and employees and members of the Board of Directors of the MDAdvantage Insurance Company.  The same restrictions will apply to the members of the immediate families of the above, including spouses, siblings, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren or other family extension; and persons residing at the same household, whether or not related.

Resubmission of a nomination the following year, or in any subsequent year, is encouraged, provided that a new and updated nomination package is submitted.

Submission of Nominations
All nomination information should be uploaded to our online application, which can be found at www.EJIawards.org.

Nomination letters should be addressed to the Chairman of the Awards Committee, at the following address, and then uploaded to the online system:

Paul J. Hirsch, MD
Edward J. Ill Excellence in Medicine Foundation
c/o MDAdvantage Insurance Company
100 Franklin Corner Road
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-2104

Nominations will be accepted through August 2, 2019.

Selection Criteria
The Awards Committee is comprised of an independent group of physicians and healthcare leaders who review each nomination thoroughly. The Awards Committee will select honorees and make a recommendation to the EJI Excellence in Medicine Foundation Board of Trustees. Typically, one nominee will be recommended for each category. However, if there is a particularly strong field in a category, two awardees may be selected at the Awards Committee’s discretion. The Board of Trustees will have the final approval on the slate of honorees.

The Awards Committee has broad discretion; and may re-assign a nominee to an Award category other than the one recommended by the nominator.

Selected awardees and the nominators of all candidates will be notified of the selection results by the week of December 2, 2019.

The award recipients will be recognized at a formal awards dinner on May 6, 2020. The selected honoree for each award must agree to be present at the Awards dinner on May 6, 2020; and additionally, provide active support for the scholarship program. 

Profits from the awards dinner will be dedicated to the Excellence in Medicine Scholarship Fund. The EJI Excellence in Medicine Foundation is committed to recruiting and retaining medical talent in New Jersey and keeping them here to practice in our state.

The Excellence in Medicine Scholarship Fund brings the mission of the event full circle, in that by acknowledging the accomplishments of physicians and scientists in the prime of their careers, we are also inspiring our students to strive to make their own unique contributions.

For more information on the nomination process, the history of the Edward J. Ill Excellence in Medicine Awards®, the Excellence in Medicine Scholarship Fund or a list of past recipients, log on to www.EJIawards.org or contact Janet Puro at 609-803-2350 or jpuro@EJIawards.org.

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